The Canmaker innovations 2017


This year’s edition of The Canmaker magazine’s Innovations issue brings you the latest developments that the canmaking world is offering in both aluminium and steel to fast-moving consumer goods companies.

We feature the winners and shortlisted entries to the annual Cans of the Year Awards, which have been showcasing the best metal packaging products since 1996.



Metal is the packaging material with the lowest environmental impact. It is the only truly sustainable material thanks to being infinitely recyclable without losing its quality.

Unlike other materials, metal’s properties make it a permanently available resource whose recycling rates remain the highest in the world, ahead those of plastics, glass and cartons.

There is no other packaging that preserves and delivers a product with such minimal use of resources and waste as metal cans.

Cans also provide energy-free preservation throughout the supply chain, faster filling speeds, and the longest product shelf life.

In fact, the higher the scrutiny and demands on packaging, the more that metal shines as the solution that meets the needs of today’s society without jeopardising those of future generations.


Additional information

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 28.5 × 21.5 × 0.6 cm