Flexible Packaging

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The book comprises the main issues that need to be known for development of superior flexible packaging, such as design, trends and innovations, printing and manufacturing processes, materials and structures, and raw materials; from conception to responsible disposal.


The invited authors are reference in the areas in which they work. They have shared their expertise with other professionals to provide access to information on packaging. Hoping that this book will become the new industry benchmark, as soon as we can reissue it, it will extend knowledge based on readers’ observations.

Although technical, the book was designed and developed to be accessible to professionals of all skill levels: from students to business people, including business of packaging and raw materials, as well as professional services and industrial production of food industries, beverages, cosmetics, personal products, chemicals etc.

We intend to reach more professionals in more places by expanding our bookstores network with the support of our sponsors and supporters with acquisition from (by purchasing) part of the books for distribution to your customers and employees. Always taking knowledge to more people, we can take our mission and belief ahead:


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