Fish Canning Handbook


Canning is a key form of commercial food preservation, and canned fish represents a source of relatively inexpensive, nutritious and healthy food that is stable at ambient temperatures, has long shelf life and in consequence is eminently suitable for worldwide distribution.



It is vitally important that all canning operations are undertaken in keeping with the rigorous application of good manufacturing practices if the food is to be safe at the point of consumption.

Edited by Les Bratt, the Fish Canning Handbook 15 chapters cover the current global market; processing, packaging and storage operations; food safety and quality assurance; international legal requirements and laboratory analysis.

The Fish Canning Handbook provides a source of up to date and technical information for all those involved in the production of canned fish, including trading companies, manufacturers, retail organisations who purchase canned fish, and regulatory authorities with responsibility for inspection.

Published by Wiley-Blackwell. Hardback 328 pages.

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