The Canmaker innovations 2018


This annual review of products from the metal packaging industry covers the latest ideas in cans, bottles and closures, as well as recent technology developments from equipment manufacturers.



Innovations first reviews the winners and shortlisted entries to the last edition of The Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards, which have recognised and promoted the industry’s developments since 1996.

All the packaging featured in this catalogue is made from either steel or aluminium, which are both infinitely recyclable without losing their properties, and therefore remain a permanently available resource for the future. About 80 percent of the metal ever produced is still in use today.

There is no other packaging material that is as truly sustainable as metal. Steel and aluminium recycling rates remain the highest, ahead of plastics, glass and cartons.

In fact, the higher the scrutiny and demands on packaging, the more that metal shines as the solution that meets the needs of today’s society without jeopardising those of future generations.

Innovations also features products by equipment and service suppliers that help canmakers achieve higher efficiency and savings, and many of whom will be exhibiting at Cannex in Guangzhou, China, on 15-18 May 2018, where the Cans of the Year will be also showcased.

The winners of this year’s edition will then be announced at The Canmaker Summit in Venice, Italy, on 10 October 2018.

Innovations recognises the best in metal packaging and welcomes you to the fascinating world of cans – packaging with no equal using a material like no other.