Better Packaging Better World

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The Instituto de Embalagens in Brazil is pleased to announce the release of its 10th publication, Better Packaging. Better World.
The Book is divided into 6 sections including the Introduction to the Packaging Universe, Packaging Materials, Packaging Types, Packaging Processes, Packaging Machinery and Sustainability and is full of illustrations and case study examples. The book was organised by a multidisciplinary team designed to build a complete and organised work. Each chapter was written by invited authors that are specialised in each field and are respected in the Brazilian and world market.



Better Packaging Better World explores the complete packaging system from design to end-of-life via markets, materials, processes and equipment. Chapters have been contributed by a multidisciplinary team including scientists, engineers and technologists, but also designers, economists and consultants drawn from across academia and industry to provide the most comprehensive view of a complex business.

Intended to demonstrate the breadth of the packaging business and its essential contribution to modern life this comprehensive work will provide explanations for industry newcomers and non-specialists such as managers and commercial personnel. It will also help specialists in one particular discipline or part of the supply chain to explore other aspects of materials or technology.

The book is divided into the following sections: Introduction to the Packaging Universe Packaging Materials Other Packaging Types and Accessories Process Machinery Sustainability

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