The Canmaker innovations 2017

Metal is the packaging material with the lowest environmental impact. It is the only truly sustainable material thanks to being infinitely recyclable without losing its quality.

Unlike other materials, metal’s properties make it a permanently available resource whose recycling rates remain the highest in the world, ahead those of plastics, glass and cartons.

There is no other packaging that preserves and delivers a product with such minimal use of resources and waste as metal cans.

Cans also provide energy-free preservation throughout the supply chain, faster filling speeds, and the longest product shelf life.

In fact, the higher the scrutiny and demands on packaging, the more that metal shines as the solution that meets the needs of today’s society without jeopardising those of future generations.


The Canmaker Innovations 2016

Innovations is an annual review of the best in metal packaging and the technologies used to produce it around the world. It covers the latest in cans, bottles and closures, produced in steel and aluminium.

Highlight of this issue are the winners and short-listed entries to the annual Cans of the Year Awards, backed by The Canmaker, the leading magazine for the metal packaging industry worldwide. This competition has been showcasing the best metal packaging products since 1996, and the winners in 2015 offered new highs in creativity and innovation.

Innovations in Plastics Packaging 2016/17 (Digital)

For many, innovation manifests itself in new, creative ideas and different ways of presenting products across markets. In the packaging industry we see it along the entire value chain: Easier to process or more functional resins; more flexible and versatile converting equipment; and creative packaging designs that make life more convenient for consumers.

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The Canmaker Innovations 2015

Innovations reviews the winners and the shortlisted entries of The Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards, which have recognised and promoted the industry’s developments since 1996.

The Canmaker Innovations 2009 – 2010

Metal packaging is attractive, sustainable, and offers unrivalled protection for products and the latest innovations from canmakers are constantly pushing cans even further forward.

The Canmaker Innovations 2012

Unlike other materials, metal’s properties make it a permanently available resource, whose recycling rate remain the highest in the world, ahead of plastics, glass and cartons.

The Canmaker Innovations 2006 – 2007

The Canmaker Innovations issue 2006-2007 includes a review of the latest developments in their production systems along with what’s been happening in two-piece and three-piece cans, end manufacturing, aerosol cans, conveying and handling systems, seaming systems, test and inspection equipment, chemicals, lubricants, sealing compounds, metal decorating, inks, coatings and tooling.

The Canmaker Innovations 2013

To celebrate the best of recent launches and offer a view of future developments, The Canmaker’s Innovations issue is a yearly compendium that in addition to focusing on new manufacturing technologies lists all the entries and winners of The Canmaker’s Cans of the Year Awards.

Innovations 2013 covers the latest decoration techniques, new shapes and sizes, the best convenience features, the environmental benefits of metal packaging.

For brand managers, packaging designers, equipment manufacturers and canmakers, this is a vital resource that shows how well metal packaging is meeting the demands of the modern consumer. Innovations costs just £30 including post and packing worldwide, with discounts for subscribers to The Canmaker magazine.

The Canmaker Innovations 2011

The publication also shows how convenience features continue to improve metal packaging; the exciting new opportunities that are being explored; how creative decoration and design continues to amaze, and how the can is able to provide brand owners with a strong sustainability message.
New this year is the inclusion of illustrations and detailed descriptions of all of the cans that were shortlisted for The Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards. This provides the perfect snapshot of all that is best in two-piece and three-piece metal packaging around the world.